Monday, November 13, 2023

RV Camping Log and Journal Available on Amazon

I recently put together a logbook and journal for RVer.  The reason I created this book was because I found myself trying to remember details of a campground I stayed out a number of years ago.    I did a little research and put together a format for the book.  Each entry consists of two pages.  The first has the details of the campground.



At the top of the form is a box for the campground name, date, and travel information.  There is also a place to record the weather.  The campground information boxes come next.  Items like the address, cost and amenities can be recorded here.  This section allows you to rate the services provided and list various attributes of the campground. 

In my travels across the country, I have met so many wonderful people.  Having a place to record when, where and how we met is important to me.


The next section provides space to record who was camping with you, what you did, the people you met and what you would like to do if you stayed at the campground again.

Page two has the next section of the logbook.  It is a place for making notes and journaling about the adventures you went on while at the campground. 



Final the last section of the book provides a place to doodle, post pictures, draw maps or any other thing that help you preserve the memory of the adventure and experiences from you stay in the campground. 

You can find the book on Amazon:  here's a link


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